Wealth Management

Our wealth management process is based on helping clients avoid unnecessary investment risk, avoid needless or irrational sacrifice of their lifestyle and constantly measuring—in a meaningful way—the progress toward accomplishing the goals that clients value. Our investment philosophy is based on the fundamental premise that the capital markets are continuously uncertain and that our job as managers of wealth is to manage those things which we, or our clients, can control over their lifetime or other relevant time period for entities or institutions. In accepting the notion that the capital markets are always uncertain, one of our primary tasks is to control the amount of capital market uncertainty that is prudent to accept for each client's financial circumstance and for the effect of that uncertainty on the funding status of each client's unique financial needs and goals.

To help clients achieve their financial goals and considering the potential risks of higher investment expenses, trading costs, income taxes and material underperformance that may result from active money management (broadly defined as some combination of stock picking, market timing, and/or tactical asset allocation), we use globally diversified index funds with tax location management. Any selection of active money managers based on any prior period of superior returns over an asset class benchmark is an act of futility since past performance is no indication of future results. We focus on the areas that are within our control to help clients confidently fund the financial goals they value without undue sacrifice and unnecessary investment risk.

As part of our wealth management services, we may recommend that you use the services of a third party investment adviser (“TPA”) to manage your investment portfolio. After gathering information about your financial situation, goals, dreams, aspirations and priorities, we will recommend that you engage a specific TPA for investment management consistent with your current recommended plan. Factors that we take into consideration when making our recommendation(s) include, but are not limited to, the following: the TPA’s performance, methods of analysis, fees, your financial needs, investment goals, risk tolerance, and investment objectives. We will periodically monitor the TPA(s)’ performance to ensure its management and investment style remains aligned with your investment goals and objectives.We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your family and help in any way we can.